Pyrolysis Method Could Convert Logs to Bio Oil

We came across this post on the Laboratory Equipment website and wanted to share it with our readers.

The dead trees of the world’s forests could be a valuable and efficient source of a kind of oil, according to new research published by a team of scientists at the University of Washington.

Fast pyrolysis, the process of heating wood at extreme temperatures in oxygen-less environments to create “bio oil,” would be a viable source of energy with a new method presented by the researchers in the journal Fuel.

The method involves breaking down woodchip-sized pieces – a significant improvement from tiny wood pellets just 1 to 2 millimeters in length, they write.

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What Is An Enviro Loo?

How the Enviro Loo works

As a partner and provider of Enviro Loo, we would like to tell you how it works.

In the initial phase the system separates liquid and solid waste as it enters the container via the custom designed ceramic toilet bowl. Liquid waste drains to the bottom of the container while solid waste remains on the drying plate.

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The Downside To Low Oil Prices

Graph of Crude oil price March 21 2017
Is There A Downside To Low Oil Prices?

Four years ago, a barrel of crude oil cost over $100. Today’s closing price was $48.04.While the lower price at the pumps seems great to consumers, lower crude oil prices result in an environmental cost: More plastic is produced and less in recycled because manufacturers can buy new plastic for less than the cost of recycled products. This has a big impact on the recycling industry. Read More →

From the Plastic Oceans: Watch This Film!